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Mark's "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" score to be featured on "Bambi" 75-Anniversary Blu-Ray Release

In 2015, Mark was hired by Disney to compose original scores for two more Oswald the Luck Rabbit scores, “Poor Papa” and “Africa Before Dark.” Oswald the Rabbit is one of the great stories in Disney history. Created in 1928 for Universal, Walt was unable to retain  ownership of the character thus denying him the opportunity to create more than the original 26 shorts. Through the years, many of these shorts were lost but in 2006, the Disney Company was able to negotiate the return of Oswald from NBC Universal. This instigated the search for many of the lost episodes. 


“Africa Before Dark” will be included in the DVD extras for the June 2017 release of the 75-year commemorative BluRay-DVD release of Disney’s classic, "Bambi."


“I was able to go into the studio with 14 of my favorite musicians, the very best for playing this kind of music! The recording came out great! This is a very entertaining short and an important piece of early Disney history!”

Excerpts from "Africa Before Dark"

“Africa Before Dark” is the third “lost” Oswald short that Mark has scored. The first, “Hungry Hobos” is a DVD Extra on the 2015 re-issue of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” The second, “Poor Papa” is a DVD Extra on the 2016 re-issue of “Pinocchio.”


Click here to see an excerpt of “Hungry Hobos.”

Click here to see an excerpt of the premiere performance of "Poor Papa" performed by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

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