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The Eastman School of Music 

Beal Institute

for Contemporary Media and Film Scoring

Jeff Beal at Eastman (small).jpeg
Mark is the director of the, newly created, Beal Institute for Contemporary Media and Film Scoring at Eastman. This is a Masters degree program named after famed composer, Jeff Beal (House of Cards, Pollack, Rome). Jeff, a proud graduate of Eastman, is the motivating force behind the new curriculum at Eastman. “We don’t need more composers in the business. We need better composers. Eastman provided me with the foundation upon which I built a wonderful career. It is my honor and pleasure to welcome my friend and respected colleague, Mark Watters, to the Eastman family."
Here, students get the opportunity to learn the latest techniques in media composition. Film and television scoring, video game scoring, commercials, documentaries; engineering and production classes; counterpoint, orchestration, conducting, film music history and analysis. “We have designed a very challenging curriculum. I wanted to take advantage of the fabulous instrumentalists at the school so we have 11 recording sessions per year!"
Garret Reynolds –1 (small).jpeg
Cutting-edge hardware and software were purchased for our new program at Eastman! Technology is such a huge part of this profession. I was so impressed with the commitment from Eastman.
Rich, Mark & Ben_booth.jpeg
Mark working with Eastman staff engineer, Rich Wattie and 2019 Beal Institute graduate, Ben Magruder.
Jeff Beal working with 2020 graduate, Aaron Seibert-Castinera.
Jeff & Aaron.jpeg
For more information on the Beal Institute or the Eastman School of Music, please visit:
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