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Mark Completes Score for Documentary-Feature, "Running It Out"

Mark completed his score for the documentary, “Running It Out.” Film maker, Mary Lou Skinner, has told the story of her beloved brother, Jack, who live his life with a developmental handicap. When their parents died, Jack became Mary Lou’s responsibility. The film brings the viewer into her world in a compelling yet uplifting 1-hour documentary.

“Mary Lou and I are similar in age and much of the film is made up of home movies made when she and her brother Jack were growing up. These home movies reminded me so much of the home movies of my own family and this really brought Jack’s story close to me. I’m not a fan of all electronic scores so I wrote the score for violin, cello and piano. I spiced it up with some sound design elements  and am quite proud of it. It is fairly simple, at times quite sparse, because the dialogue, much of it Mary Lou’s own retelling of her experience, was so intimate. The film will make the festival circuit later in 2017 and hopefully find a home.”

Listen to an excerpt of Mark's score from the film "Running It Out" here.
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