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"Vilgax Attacks" -
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"End Credits" Aladdin: King Of Thieves -
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"Attack of 40 Thieves" -
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"Main Title" Coraline: The Video Game -
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"This Place Is Amazing!" -
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"Get A Horse!" -
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"Hawks In Flight" -
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"Main Title" Ben 10 Alien Force -
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Mark premieres new work at The Warren Center gala fundraiser in Dallas, TX.
Mark's "Oswald The Rabbit" score to be featured on "Bambi" 75-Year Blu-Ray release.

Mark's piano trio based on his score from "Running It Out" receives first performance.

Disney's 1928 silent-era short, "Africa Before Dark" 

Mark completes score for documentary-feature, "Running It Out."

"Running It Out" deals with the joys and sorrows of caring for a loved one with developmental handicaps.

Mark recently conducted a new recording of the classic video game, "Kingdom Hearts"

Mark traveled to Prague to work with composer Yoko Shimamura and her amazing team.

Score! TV music's big night!
Mark is featured on CAREER DAY! 
Disney's GET A HORSE! opens for "Frozen!" 
Mark returns to LACO to conduct "A Silly Symphony Celebration"

A concert celebrating music for television! Mark served as Music Director and as an Executive Producer.

Mark scores the NEW  "classic" animated Mickey Mouse short.

Mark was featured on the nationally syndicated television show.

Mark conducted the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra in a concert featuring 8 Silly Symphony cartoons.

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